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Carolina West Clinic of Chiropractic focuses on true health by treating a variety of problems and diseases conservatively, i.e. without drugs or surgery. We do this by chiropractic correction of vertebral misalignments. CWCC specializes in upper cervical care (where the head and neck meet), but we address the entire body as a whole. Upper cervical chiropractic treats more than just neck pain and headaches but rather influences EVERY aspect of human performance. Dr. Verch utilizes the Orthospinology procedure to analyze the positioning of the Cervical Cranial Junction (CCJ) in great detail. Once the misalignment is properly identified, it takes only approximately three pounds of force to correct it. Because the force is so light, it is safe for ALL AGES. The results are profound and often immediate.


If you suffer from:



High Blood Pressure

Digestive Problems


Neurological Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis



Neck Pain pre or post surgery

Low Back Pain pre or post surgery

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