For several years I have been suffering from what doctors called depression and all they wanted to do was put me on different medication. When I got meet Dr. Verch he took time to find out what my problems were and told me what I needed to do to get relief. From that time on my life has changed, I feel a lot better and can do things that I haven’t been able to do in years.
— Patsy R.
I have suffered with migraines for almost 15 years. Before I started seeing Dr. Verch 2 months ago I would have a headache everyday and a migraine approximately 2 days a week.
I have finally found help! Since I have been going to see Dr. Verch, I have had 1 migraine and just a few very mild headaches. All I can say is WOW!! I will still be going to complete my course of treatments to keep my progress up!
If you have headaches/migraines or back problems/pain, do not suffer anymore. GO!! My life has changed and yours can too!
— Bonnie T.
Dr. Verch has been one of the best doctors that I have seen. I enjoy my adjustments because they are painless and “less scary” than my previous chiropractic experiences. He explains everything thoroughly.
— Asia C.
I have suffered with neck pain for more than 10 years with left arm pain. I refused to take pain medications so a state of pain was something I thought I would have to live with and tolerate. I will admit I had doubts but boy, was I wrong. I prayed for answers and healing. Dr. Verch was an answer to those prayers. I am finally pain free in my neck and my left arm....MEDICATION FREE!
— Annette B.
Dr. Verch told me he could fix me if I stuck with it and literally by my second visit I felt improvement. Within a few weeks I feel like a different person. I hardly feel any neck and back pain whatsoever. It had been years since I could remember the last time Id had a few days since Id had a headache and now it has been weeks! I find myself shooting out of bed in the morning, I don’t hurt at work, my acid reflux is almost non-existent and I no longer feel I need treatment for depression. I look forward to doing things every day & haven’t slowed down yet much to the dismay of Dr. Verch
— Cassie S.
My breathing was not good prior to Dr. Verch. I was taking breathing treatments for asthma more often than usual. Sports were hard. I couldn’t run fast or long. I couldn’t breathe and I hated it.
I love coming to see Dr. Verch. My time here is always great. My life is great! I can breathe better than ever!
— Thomas M. (age 10)
Dr. Verch has changed the way that I view chiropractors. Dr. Wade was compassionate, understanding and for the first time I experienced what it was like to have a doctor truly care about me and my needs. He offers one of the most effective approaches to health care and I look forward to my next visit. Mrs. Shelley makes me feel welcomed with a smile every time that I see her. Thank you Dr. Verch and Mrs. Shelley for an outstanding experience!
— DJ Davis

I am a 47-year-old woman who works as a nurse. I was having severe headaches on almost a daily basis. This was affecting my life in numerous ways. Since seeing Dr. Verch I have gone from having headaches daily to only having 3 or 4 headaches in a 2-month time span and the headaches were mild in comparison to the past. I have more energy and I feel my ability to enjoy my family and friends has improved.
— Brenda K.
Dr. Wade is great! Very professional and thorough. He truly cares about the health and wellness of his patients. He is great with kids too!
— Jessie Shealy
My upper left arm was aching so badly that I would take Aleve and go to bed for most of the day. Some days I’d think, “Lord, just take me.” My friend told me about Dr. Verch and I thought at this point I’d try anything. Praise the Lord for that conversation and making an appointment with Dr. Verch! I’m now getting up early, shopping with friends, cooking, and sewing. I have slowed down but life is good!
— Winona G.
Dr. Verch is one of the few doctor’s I have liked. H listens when I speak validates my worries, and actually cares. His treatment is non-invasive, but it truly works.
Little by little, I find myself being able to do more. I worry less about headaches, have more energy, and a brighter outlook on life. It’s amazing what having a doctor who listens and truly wants to help will do for a person’s quality of life.
— Sherry C.

Great spinal care. Super friendly office. Shelley and Dr Verch demonstrate a genuine caring for people and desire to help patients achieve better health.
— Elliott Strait
Missing out on big life events/celebrations became the norm for me prior to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. I am amazed at how much better I feel - even after my first adjustment! I no longer “expect” a headache every day. I am able to make it through daily activities now - pain free !
— Erin Y

Migraines twice a week. The kind of migraine that puts you down for the rest of the day. They made me nauseous and dizzy. Many days I would have to leave early or go in late to work. Haven’t had a migraine in a full month!! My stress level has gone down because I am not concerned about migraines or pain. I am able to enjoy my life without worrying about when I’m going to get a migraine. I can get a full night’s rest without waking up in pain.
— Hannah F.
Dr. Verch is very thorough and meticulous with his treatment, explaining everything in great detail. He took the time to discuss my situation and provides very direct and effective treatment, laying out an entire road to recovery.
I fee years younger! Not only is my back pain-free after just a few weeks, other parts of my body are waking up. My hips and legs all feel more fluid and mobile and I have tons of mobility and range of motion. Wish I’d come here sooner!
— Brad J.
After just 6 weeks I have an actual curve in my neck and no more tingling in my hands....He’s awesome
— Tammy Folk
I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis. I was not able to stay balanced and had to rely on a cane to stay upright. I fell a few times. I am walking better. I balance better. My back and neck pain are gone.
I have hope again.
— Brian B.
After my 1st treatment, as I returned to the car, I noticed how much clearer the world was. The sky, flowers, and my world was in focus. After 3 treatments, I felt that I was once again walking on both of my feet.
— Edna R.
I was in a car accident. I came in in total pain, could not hardly move, and Dr. Verch did an amazing job putting me back in the physical condition I am in today.
— Rickee G.
Before coming to Dr. Verch’s office I was having trouble turning my head and looking up. Working on cars and firefighting, moving your head is very important. My neck hurt working, driving, and playing with my daughter. It kept me from doing a lot of my daily activities. Dr. Verch and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. He kept me informed on what’s going on and what’s going to happen. He answers all the questions I have. Now I’m doing all my daily activities with no problems. I’m very happy with the success I’ve had here. I would highly recommend Dr. Verch and his staff.
— Keith R.
Dr. Verch’s knowledge and explanations of my condition gave me trust and assurance that under his care, I could be helped. NOt only did he address my hand, but through total spinal scanning, he made me aware of my body alignment and how it affected my lifestyle, posture, habits, and nutrition; he showed interest and concern regarding my total being.
— Marcia C.